“I believe that with the Right Coaching everyone can reach their Highest Potential

What They’re Saying

Coaching is a passion for Nelida, because she genuinely wants to share her experience and expertise that she gained in her career and in life as a whole. She genuinely wants to see people operate at their best, encouraging them to never be afraid to take risks to achieve their goals.

M.S First Line Manager, Barbados

She has coached me on how to cope during crisis, health issues and high impact events. Most of all she has thought me how to keep all things Healthy balanced perspective without loosing my focus on what’s most important at that time. With her coaching I have survived issues that at first I could have not.

R.R. Accountant, Curacao

Extremely dedicated, detail oriented, self-directed, analytic, patient and highly creative. Superior organizational skills, Enthusiastic and determine to achieve the results.

J.S.S. District Manager, Jamaica

Nelida´s spirit welcomed me from my first encounter with her more than 4 years ago. Her voice, tone and just her mere presence is comforting. She never thinks about the negatives, she always shows you the positives and how beautiful things will be but of course encourages you to pray and have faith. She inspires me to want more out of life and helps me to want to take bold steps, believing in my potential and God´s intervention in my life. She always makes me feel empowered and brave.

S.A. Manager, West-indies

In simple words: Nelida enjoys helping people grow, creating positive environments, cares deeply about the success and well-being of others, succession mentality, sets tone of healthy tone and criticism, willing to fight but pick your battles wisely. She is definitely inspiring.

T.G. Senior Associate, Trinidad & Tobago
About Nelida

Owner & founder of ProfPro Coaching

I am Nelida Cathalina, born and raised on the beautiful island Curacao. I am owner/founder of ProfPro Coaching & Training. I started this company due to my passion for coaching and business development. I believe that motivating and empowering a team is the key to make a company productive and profitable.

My mission

Unlock your potential and define your future!

After years and still studying more about coaching and business development I decided to start my own company ProfPro and from there I growth international, honored with several awards and in my business life a full-time Life, Executive and Business Coach.

After years of experience as a coach and trainer in an international corporation. I have started my own company Profpro coaching and training. I have developed an international platform and I am working since as a full-time Life, Executive and Business Coach.I am still studying and developing myself to stay updated with new and improved coaching tools and science.

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