Coach Sydelle Ricardo & Nelida Cathalina

in Bonaire

About us

Back2back concept started when International coach Nelida Cathalina of Profpro Coaching and Senior trainer & Coach Sydelle Ricardo of Curaçao Phoenix Foundation worked together during a workshop. The chemistry and the life changing impact on the participants demonstrated the power of co-operation. We want to embody this concept and take the back2back movement all over the world in an effort to empower, transform and inspire others in unity.

Do you want to improve your performance or need help processing life challenges?

This back2back by Nelida Cathalina & Sydelle Ricardo stands for and motivates others to Inspire, Influence and have a stronger Impact; working side by side and be instruments in this time of transformation. We will be in Bonaire in August 2020.  We have a full program of training and coaching. You can choose between coaching in Personal Development, Leadership, Socio-spiritual, Business or Export.


August 10th: Private Training Session

On Monday, August 10th, we will give training to 55 educational workers.

August 12th: Coaching Session 

On Wednesday, August 12th between 11:00-16:00, you can book your individual coaching session with Nelida (export & business coaching) or Sydelle (personal development, leadership or socio-spiritual). You can book your appointment via our contact page here.

Please let us know which coaching theme or coach you would like and if you have any preference of time. We will try to take this into account. In 24 hours we will send you a mail to confirm your appointment and time slot.

August 13th: Seminar Ami ta – Free (Papiamento)

On Thursday, August 13th from 19:00-21:00, there will be a free seminar named “I  am” / “Ami ta” (a socio-spiritual approach) by Sydelle Ricardo about the challenges one faces when dealing with life’s processes that makes us doubt or question our potential and identity. Want to join the seminar? Sign up here.

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About Coach Nelida

Business & Export Coach

Nelida Cathalina is a certified professional coach with 28 years of experience specialized in Business and Export coaching. As a business coach I will assist and guide the business owner to create a vision for their company, set and achieve their business goals. My task as an Export Coach  is to support small and medium enterprises in developing a plan to acquire the necessary competencies to establish a sustainable export position in international markets. For more information click here.

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About Coach Sydelle

Personal Development, Leadership & Socio-spiritual Coach

Sydelle Ricardo is the Director and Visionary of Curaçao Phoenix Foundation. After completing her Bachelor in Social Work and obtaining her degree in Management in Human Care, Sydelle founded CPF in 2009, with the dream to inspire, empower and transform the lives of others.

Personal Development

Also referred to as life coach, specializes in helping people achieve specific goals and overcome obstacles to personal growth.

Socio-spiritual Coaching

Coaching through a socio-spiritual approach, meaning that faith and psycho-social emotional aspects are intertwined. To perceive life challenges & processes within God’s purpose.

Leadership Coaching

We help leaders at all levels gain the leadership skills within themselves to maximize performance and sharpen inherent leadership skills to motivate teams and deliver specific personal, professional and organizational goals.

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